Monday, January 24, 2011

Justice #9 (February, 2007)

Previously in Justice...

In a dream, Hawkman and Hawkgirl fell blazing from the sky... "The Atom survives the day, I think."

From the Justice League Satellite, Red Tornado monitored the Earth.

Suddenly, Red Tornado rose up from his seat and wrapped his own fingers around his neck... In Ivy Town, Ray Palmer watched the dire news.

Carter and Shiera dodged potentially lethal fire... Ray Palmer was shot, his last phone call to Jean...

Comatose, Ray Palmer survived his wound and was transported to the hospital.

The Mighty Mite didn't recognize Giganta as he dive-bombed her eye, sending the Wonder Woman villainess through a wall and down the side of the building.

Doc Magnus, having rebuilt Red Tornado, contacted Wonder Woman in her invisible jet with the android's report.

The Atom had been studying the artificial worms found by his present friends Hawkman and Hawkgirl at the Fortress of Solitude.

Red Tornado was part of a group sent to capture Gorilla Grodd, but their efforts failed due to the intervention of Sinestro.

At the Fortress of Solitude, Ray Palmer offered another pint-sized report. "I'm thinking that by selectively expanding the molecules of aspects of both the Thanagarian armor and the Atlantean air-breathing apparatus, I should be able to create a means of protecting the members of the League not covered by [Doctor] Magnus' idea." The Atom was referring to a battle-ready containment suit which would prevent mind-controlling worms from entering the Justice League's bodies as they prepared their counter-offensive. Those not safeguarded by Palmer's adaptations would "wear" the liquefied Metal Men over their own forms. As for the Mighty Mite, Atom opted for an old school space suit, jet pack, and laser rifle. Transformers-- roll out!

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"Chapter Nine" was plotted and painted by Alex Ross. The script was provided by Jim Krueger, and the penciled layouts by Doug Braithwaite.

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