Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2009 Plastique TampaCon Sketch by Pat Broderick

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Allow me to level with you a moment, dear reader. I'm running a series of posts related to painted DC Villains art from 1995-1996 across multiple blogs as filler material during the post holiday lull, while trying to stockpile meatier posts for later. The Atom has a fairly terrible rogues gallery, and Captain Atom's isn't much better, so I just can't keep up the pace at this blog that I've set elsewhere. For perspective, I ran through most of the art I would have used for my Martian Manhunter blog last year, and still managed to scrounge up enough leftovers for him to participate more fully than here. I repeat, there are more Martian Manhunter villains than for every Atom combined (spanning two companies.) It a sorry state of affairs, my friend.

I was desperate enough to try running searches for Atom villains at Comic Art Fans, and after the lousy returns on Chronos and Major Force, Plastique was something of a Hail Mary pass. Now, I liked Plastique from the first time I saw her in an early issue of Captain Atom, and the two were even married in some version of continuity I doubt is still being honored. Plastique was one of Pat Broderick's better character designs, and I like his sketch of her here. I just wanted to come clean about how we got to the point where there's a Plastique sketchbook entry, and to let you know there'll be more painterly stuff in a few days.

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