Tuesday, January 18, 2011

DC Sampler #2 (September, 1984)

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Drawn by Chuck Patton with inks by Tom Mandrake, this piece was part of a free comic DC used to circulate once a year to hype their entire line. I loved these things growing up, as they really did feel like a window into another universe; always featuring exclusive art, synopsis, and other information on comics I didn't or couldn't read. For instance, I didn't get my hands on an issue of the "Detroit Era" Justice League until the mid-90s, and it looks like the artist hadn't gotten ahold of any Sword of the Atom reference, since he drew the classic Silver Age Atom there on Green Lantern's shoulder. Come to think of it, hadn't Hal Jordan been swapped out for John Stewart, or was that another year on? Regardless, it was nice of Ray to see the new team off, even if you just know he would have ridiculed and rejected them like he did Justice League International. Yeah, well, that type of attitude eventually led to his fantastic gig leading the Jurgens Teen Titans, so...

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