Sunday, May 4, 2014

Captain Atom in Super-Team Family: The Lost Issues

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Work demands and my waning interest in covering DC Comics characters has put a damper on this blog, plus there's now a new avenue focused exclusively on our good Captain called Splitting Atoms functioning with much greater quality and quantity than I can currently muster. At the same time fanfic collage artist Ross has stepped up his usage of Captain Atom at Super-Team Family... The Lost Issues, so I figured I could and should do one group entry for the hero. It was fairly easy to pick which of the three to use as a spotlight image here, because I'm frustrated by two of them. I've never liked the Human Torch, so that was a non-starter for me, while the Doctor Solar pairing featured counterintuitive references. Featured Captain artist Dan Jurgens had a run on Solar when it was published by Acclaim, and Bob Layton has drawn both Solar and Captain Atom professionally, but the images used combined the very dissimilar Jurgens and Barry Windsor-Smith (plus Valiant's Solar was named Phil Seleski.) The Thing piece worked much better at creating the illusion of merged worlds, plus it's just plain cool.

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