Thursday, August 25, 2011

2011 Breach Movie Fan Casting: Dave Franco as Major Tim Zanetti

Keeping up with a theme of casting famous movie stars' younger brothers in POTA-related roles, here's Dave Franco. Breach isn't remotely a major character, and I've only liked reading his series okay so far. I have to admit that I didn't exactly rack my brains for weeks over this one. Still, I had a few actors and qualities in mind when it came to the role. Tim Zanetti is supposed to be this really laid back, good natured guy. Its only after becoming infected Otherside that he becomes an erratic rageaholic. After the breach, Tim spends a lot of time being duped, caged up, bossed around, and treated like a lunatic. This meant he needed an actor who could be sweet, then vulnerable, then go nuts in a believable way. Dave Franco has many of the right qualities, and while I haven't seen a lot of his work, it's Breach. What do you want? Dude's got a good build, amazing eyebrows, and should be fine with even half of brother James' acting range.

Now that I've gotten that out of the way, let me go choose between Frank Stallone, Don Swayze, and Ben Savage for the part of Captain Atom...

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