Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dragon*Con 2010 Indigo Tribe Atom Cosplayer Cptnspndx

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Check out Indigo Tribesman Ryan Choi Ray Palmer! I tease, not because there's anything wrong with pan-racial cosplay, but because it sucks that my choices if I'd like to follow suit range from Dr. Light II (bonus cross-dressing!) to deceased Bloodlines characters. I've often noted my lack of interest in the All New Atom, but I hate that the choice is a character I'm not into and no Asians whatsoever.

Enough racial politicking hijacking the cosplay post. I could be teasing the dude for his flesh-colored top instead (see comments for an explanation.) Seriously though, I'm pleased by and proud of any Atom fan with the talent to put a suit like this together and the stones (in an easy carry loincloth!) to actually wear it out in public. I love the girdle-belt with the Atom symbol, and I want a pair of cavalier boots like those for my everyday wear. My favorite part is the gnarly light up staff. Screw lantern batteries-- I'll take one of those! Serious props to Indigo-1 as well, because that bald pate is hard core and totally authentic.

Extra special thanks go out to The Irredeemable Shag, who supplied a wealth of swell Indigo Atom pictures for me to choose from. Aside from the picture linked above, check here and here. Gentlemen and the ladies who don't love them owe it to themselves to take in the Star Sapphire costume at those links. Her suit is... plungy. If you'd like to look at the lot (and there is indeed a lot,) scope out Shag's DragonCon 2010 Photos!

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LissBirds said...

Where the heck did he get cavalier boots? Is there some superhero costume store out there in the world that I'm not aware of?

Indigo-1 looks awesome, too, and I'm trying to figure out how she got her hair into separated cornrows like that...or if it was a wig.

The girdle-belt reminds me of the WWF (WWE?) belt, only not shiny.

Cptnspndx said...

Hi, That's me in the Indigo Atom costume. The main reason for the flesh colored bodysuit is to hide my insulin pump. Was not against doing body paint for the tattoos, but having the insulin pump showing would have blown the effect.

Diabolu Frank said...

Understood, and no offense intended. I was just looking for a funny segue. Do you go by Captain Spandex, or the abbreviation above, or something else entirely? Whenever possible, I like to give folks their fully due credit (including a link to any blog/site where you traffic your wears.)

Silver Faction said...

No, that was not my real hair. I made the headpiece out of a latex bald cap and acrylic yarn. I have the entire WIP posted on the League of Lanterns forum under the Costumers Hall for those interested in the construction. Thanks for the comments!

Diabolu Frank said...

Fantastic job, S.F.! The skin tone matched perfectly.

Cptnspndx said...

Not offended in the least. I use the abbreviation and while I do have a website, I'd rather wait until I get a chance to update it before I start advertising. I can be found on the League Of lanterns and the Superhero Costume Forum.