Tuesday, September 25, 2012

2012 “JLA by George Perez” Atom Commission

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Aric Shapiro is a comic art collector with the good taste to pursue a series of Justice League of America member spotlight commissions in their full Satellite Era glory by George Pérez...
"The JLA ranks continue with Ray Palmer--the real Atom! One of the fiirst characters outside of the Original Seven. GP really knows how to draw the guy!"
Pérez is one of the Tiny Titan's finest artists, even if it is sad to note that his longest run with the character was inking Dan Jurgens on Teen Titans back when he looked like Marty McFly. My favorite parts of this piece are the chiaroscuro phone and quasi-panels that allow the Mighty Mite to really pop.

2012 “JLA by George Perez” Commissions

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