Friday, July 6, 2012

2012 “JLA Jan. - The Atom - 200” art by Robert Q. Atkins

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"Ray Palmer a.k.a. the Atom is such a great variation of the classic superhero. He's a scientist, and one of the most intelligent heroes in the DC universe. But he also decides to put on an impossibly skin-tight costume and use his powers to fight crime and evil geniuses. I love it!

Since he isn't the typical "punch first and ask questions later" kind of guy, I wanted to make this sketch a little more of an every day kind of thing. The Atom would typically travel distances across the city or even the country by reducing his size and then enter the receiver of a traditional phone. He'd follow the lines of telephone wire riding on the currents of conductivity. In the pre-cell and iPhone age this was a pretty universal way to travel, so I thought this sketch might be a funny comment on how things have changed. That with technological advancements, it actually impeded the Atom's ability to travel.

I haven't read an Atom specific book in years, so I couldn't say how writers have gotten around this new development. IF anyone has suggestions on great Atom stories in recent years, I'd love to hear it!"


LissBirds said...

Love it! A sense of humor in comics is always appreciated. Plus the art is fantastic.

Wasn't there an instance where Ray tried to travel through a cell phone and got stuck somehow? I seem to vaguely remember that. Then he yelled at whoever was on the other line about how it wasn't a landline.

Diabolu Frank said...

That sounds familiar to me as well, but I can't place it.