Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Answer

Ray Palmer correctly solved the equation, and combining the activating blend, animated the Synthetic Men. At about the same time, the authorities burst into the lab, and a struggle ensued. A synthetic trooper hurled Ray across the room and into another wall. Dazed, Palmer realized he was really tired of his head being abused, and that the synthetic men were rampaging out of control. In no time, the lab and exterior hallways were trashed by the synthetic men, and to add to Palmer's disbelief, the police began to shapeshift into anthropomorphic reptiles. Ray was relieved he hadn't set the synthetics against human officers, but now had to find a way to stop both.

Suddenly a plainclothes, still human-looking police detective bounded down a hallway right toward Ray. Palmer tried to hide, but it was as though the detective could see through walls, and Ray was caught. The officer revealed himself to be John Jones, investigating a case originating in his home of Middleton, Colorado. Jones quizzed Palmer on a means to stop the synthetic men. Palmer explained that they were virtually invulnerable, needing only food to eat and the nitrogen in the air to breathe. Jones told Palmer to leave the rest to him, and escorted the scientist out of the building.

While Palmer waited at a safe distance from the building, the whole area fell silent. Eventually, the real Detroit Police Department arrived, to find the Lizard-Men in bondage and the Synthetic Men suffocated to death. Having had enough adventure for the time being, Palmer quit Heywood Defense Industries, and returned to academia as an Ivy Town university professor.

The End


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