Tuesday, September 24, 2013

2013 DC Super-Pets Character Encyclopedia! Spot Entry

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Here's The Atom's pet, as created by Art Baltazar and Franco, who apparently debuted him in Tiny Titans #9 (December, 2008.) He's a smart little guy, and surprisingly gets a full page entry. I'd have figured Ray Palmer would neglect his pets as an always distracted physicist. He could have used Spot all those times he got attacked by cats! Spot's buddies are the pets of Hawkman, Superman, the Flash and Apache Chief(?) His foes are familiar to Giganta, Poison Ivy, Captain Boomerang, and Bat-Mite. So even the mutt's got to borrow for decent adversaries? The full color magazine sized 128-page book is available for just $7.95 in paperback or $18.95 in hardcover from Picture Window Books, a capstone imprint.

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