Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Justice League #18 (May, 2013)

In the wake of "Throne of Atlantis," it was decided that the Justice League needed to expand its membership to include more dedicated full time heroes on the roster. Cyborg had become a nexus point for electronic information passing throughout the world, and used this facet of his abilities to create "The Grid," a directory of active super-heroes that he could directly contact as needed. In Pittsburgh, Firestorm was approached to join via an MP3 player, while in Baltimore, Cyborg used a billboard to assist and enlist Black Canary during a fight with Copperhead. Zatanna received a cell phone call in San Francisco, while the Atom was thanked for her help in Boston by her computer monitor during a class at Ivy University. The lot were joined for a recruitment drive aboard the League's satellite by Black Lightning, Blue Devil, Element Woman, Goldrush, Nightwing, Platinum, and Vixen. However, only Cyborg knew of Atom's existence, although Superman detected her tiny heartbeat as she lurked among the collected heroes.

The Metal (wo)Man Platinum was brought in by Cyborg as a test drive and favor to Doctor Will Magnus, but she malfunctioned and began attacking people. Magnus pleaded with Cyborg to save her precious "responsometer," so Vic Stone had the idea to have Firestorm convert her liquid platinum shell into water. Lacking coordination, the small responsometer was left to fall toward the ground as the rest of Platinum dissipated. The Atom made her debut before other heroes catching the responsometer before it could be damaged. A surprised Flash asked "Where did she come from?" The still shrunken Atom lifted her goggles up to her brow and said with a wry grin "Hi guys. Is it too late for tryouts?"

In a later meeting with the core seven Leaguers, Cyborg explained, "The Atom's real name is Rhonda Pineda. I invited her, but I wasn't sure she'd show. She's a little shy... an unsung hero. Something shut down one of Atlantis' bombs in Boston... It took me a few days to sort through the security cameras and the sat feeds. I didn't even see her at first. But she was there on the battlefield with us." Cyborg tracked her down, and along with Firestorm and Element Woman (who had also performed well against Platinum,) the Atom formed the trio of new members inducted. There was no time for celebrating though, as someone had hacked the League's computers and stolen files on their entire five year history...

"The Grid" was by Geoff Johns and Jesus Saiz. It was a mildly entertaining issue, with Black Canary dropping in a disparaging line about the absent Hawkman's lack of professionalism. So far, I've liked Saiz's take on the Pineda Atom best.

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The Irredeemable Shag said...

I'm digging the new Atom in JUSTICE LEAGUE. Not sure exactly why we got an all new character instead of Ray Palmer or Ryan Choi (or even the dude from Suicide Squad). Considering Geoff Johns slavish dedication to continuity, this choice seems odd. Regardless I think she's an interesting addition and I look forward to more with her!

Keep up the good work here!

The Irredeemable Shag

Diabolu Frank said...

Johns is internet-aware enough to know that he gets run down as the creator who brings all the old white guys back. Johns farmed out the pre-Flashpoint Atom revival to Jeff Lemire, and when that failed, didn't appear to have any incentive to try again in the New 52.

Rhonda Pineda allows him to add a woman & a minority with an iconic brand that is not in cannon as a legacy to the Justice League without a large fan following to blow back against him. Instead of pitting Ray and Ryan readers against one another, option three is extra-progressive and sets complainers up for a fall as racists/misogynists. Check and mate, though I like Rhonda a lot better that Choi, so I'm cool with that.

The Irredeemable Shag said...

You could be right. Or Johns simply didn't want to step on Lemire's toes with Ray Palmer. Lemire may have more plans for the character in JLD. Hard to believe Johns would willingly walk away from a Silver Age "iconic" character.

Lemire is to Johns, as Sturges is to Willingham. Maybe Johns is protecting his relationship with his protege/safety net.


Anonymous said...

I still want Ray back. Screw Pineda. They could have done this to another character.

Diabolu Frank said...

I felt that way about Peter Park-- er, Ryan Choi, but the spy angle with Pineda is closer to what I liked about Ray. I could do without the WoW wankery, though.