Thursday, October 25, 2012

2010 “The Atom's Family: Smidgen” animation-style fan fiction by N:TAS

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N:TAS DCU: The Atom's Family: Smidgen 10-10-10

"NightwingTAS" continues his Atom animated series concept cavalcade from the Super Buddies message board by employing "Sword of the Atom" as anatomical allusion...
"After he and Jean split up, Ray went to live among the Katharthans, and fell in love with Laethwen, their beautiful Katarthan princess. The Katarthans and their village were soon believed to be wiped out by a horrible fire and the Atom returned to Ivy Town. What Ray didn't know was that the Princess as well as some others had escaped just before the fire was set. Laethwen was told that Ray had returned and perished in the fire. Laethwen returned home and gave birth to the daughter Ray never knew he had. On the day of her coranation Laethwen told their daughter, the new Princess Raeanna about her father Ray Palmer, The Atom of the Planet Earth. Raeanna always knew she was different, her skin was a different color, but was told that it was just a pigment disorder. Raeanna also had a natural ability to grow and shrink at will.

During the Infinite Crisis Ray had went MIA traveling the Multiverse, as Donna Troy, Kyle Rayner, and Jason Todd set out to find him, they discovered the Katarthans and Raeanna, hearing that her father was still alive Raeanna asked for her mother's permission to join these 3 in their search for her father, and Laethwen granted it to her and presented her with a costume much like the one that her father had worn while living with them.

When Ray had returned to Earth he discovered he had a daughter, Raeanna. Rae took a name that her mother had given her ever since she was a baby, Smidgen. Smidgen fights along her father's side and is getting to know not just him, but her new home, Earth."

I like this better as an Elseworlds than canon, since it's pretty convoluted and ages the hell out of Ray Palmer. The costume is a genderbent kick.

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