Saturday, January 17, 2009

Surrender To Authorities

Ray Palmer wasn't about to commit an actual crime rather than avoid addressing phony charges. Ray met with a group of Feds in the lobby, who immediately began to interrogate him about the synthetic troops and Heywood's other developments. While Palmer wished to reveal what he could to the authorities, he was contractually bound to confidentiality on areas he was being questioned in. Palmer wondered how policemen knew so much about the science behind the synthetic troops, and as he began to ask his own questions, the feds began roughing him up. Palmer had not yet been handcuffed, and tried to defend himself, only to have the butt of a gun smash into his chin and leave him slumped against a wall. Ray realized that regardless of whether these men were really the authorities or not, they meant to extract information out of him by any means they deemed necessary. Once again, Ray had to decide, would he reveal all, or attempt escape?

Confess everything to the authorities?
Make his escape?

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