Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Answer

Palmer's head was still swimming from the blow he'd received, and there was no escape for him. Captured and failing to see any other alternative, Ray Palmer eventually collected himself and wrote detailed instructions for the authorities.  They learned how to release and, as best as Palmer was been able to determine, control the synthetic troopers. He was then led to a squad car, where he was met by a plainclothes detective named John Jones. Jones argued with the other officers about who would be taking Palmer in for further questioning, until Jones grabbed Palmer by the shoulder, and literally blew the other policemen away with super-human breath. Jones ordered Palmer into the driver's seat of the squad car, telling him to drive as far from the scene as he could.

Palmer made it all the was back to Ivy Town before turning himself in to local police. Although he was cleared of any wrongdoing through his association with Heywood Defense Industries, Heywood himself pressed for Palmer's prosecution for revealing company and by extension state secrets. Ray Palmer served several years in federal penitentiary, and afterward, was too thoroughly disgraced to ever work in his field again. Worse, for the rest of his life, Ray never learned who John Jones was, or why any of the events that ruined his life had occurred.

Not happy with your ending? Why don't you start again?

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