Monday, January 19, 2009

Fly to Detroit to defend the plant

With his inhuman speed, John Jones flew from Middleton to Detroit, where he landed a few blocks from the Heywood Defense Industries plant. Already, the disguised Lizard-Men had overtaken the facility. Using his incredible Martian Vision, Jones spied one conscious human being within the complex, physicist Ray Palmer. An unstoppable force, Jones barreled his way toward Palmer, and learned from the shaken scientist that a troop of invulnerable Synthetic Men within threatened a rampage all their own. These green-skinned artificial humans had already attempted to conquer the Earth back in 1952, and would have succeeded if not for the planet's sole superhuman defender of that day, Captain Comet. Now Jones had two menaces to juggle.

Attack the Lizard-Men?
Attack the Synthetic Men?
Plan a strategy?

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