Monday, January 19, 2009

Plan a strategy

Jones quizzed Palmer on a means to stop the Synthetic Men. Palmer explained that they were virtually invulnerable, needing only food to eat and the nitrogen in the air to breathe. Jones told Palmer to leave the rest to him, and escorted the scientist to safety.

John Jones watched the building from afar with his Martian Vision, invisibly sealing off exits as the Synthetic Men sealed their victory over the Lizard-Men. Then, at impossible speeds, Jones raced through the Heywood plant, collecting the unconscious bodies of the fallen reptilian aliens, and depositing them outside. Next, insuring the building was sealed up airtight, Jones began to inhale. Mighty Martian lungpower soon drained all the atmosphere out of the complex, and despite a ran of blows from several suffocating Synthetic Men, their threat was quickly extinguished.

Securing the collapsed Synthetic Men in vacuum tanks and binding up the Lizard-Men, Jones took the opportunity to explore the Heywood plant. There, he discovered that along with the cache of neoplasm used to create the synthetics, Heywood had also inherited a means of contacting Captain Comet, now long departed from his home planet. However, it was a Venusian interstellar broadcasting array, which could only transmit in their native language.

Try to contact Captain Comet with the Venusian device?
Leave well enough alone?

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