Saturday, January 17, 2009

Release The Synthetic Men!

Ray Palmer determined that he had no choice but to release the synthetic men.With no time to lose, Palmer bolted from the room and raced for the area of the compound where the synthetics were stored. Palmer heard the pounding of feet from behind as he raced into the lab and sealed the door. While thudding came from without, Palmer began working on the equation needed to animate the synthetics. Tense minutes passed, as the police managed to drive a wedge through the lab door. Palmer had just one equation left to solve before he could turn the tables on his pursuers. Can you help him?

9x4 + 26x2y2 + 25y4 =

A) 35x6 + 25y6
B) (3x2 + 2xy + 5y2 )(3x2  -2xy + 5y2 )
C) (3x2 + 5y2 + 2xy) (3x2 + 5y -2x)
D) (3x2 + 5y2) - 4x2y2


mathematicscore said...

Uh...I was told there would be no math.

Diabolu Frank said...

Of all people...