Tuesday, July 2, 2013

2010 “Captain Atom's Family: Armagedon” animation-style fan fiction by N:TAS

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N:TAS DCU: Captain Atom's Family: Armagedon 10-20-10

Here's the final offering in the fan fiction series of "NightwingTAS" revolving around an imaginary animated series version of the Nathaniel Adam super-family as featured on the Super Buddies message board...
"Nikola Hanssen of Earth-50 is the Void host and when Captain Atom visted her world, she had to reclaim her full power from Captain Atom. While doing so she sent him back to New-Earth, and destroyed, then recreated Earth-50. Nikola is the only person on Earth-50 who recalls the previous Universe, something she did not expect, nor did she expect Captain Atom to still possess a small part of the Void within him.

During the aftermath of the Infinite Crisis Captain Atom carried a wounded woman to the paramedics and was taken by who he saw. One of the paramedics was Nikola Hanssen of New-Earth. Not fully recalling who she was but feeling a pull towards her, Captain Atom couldn't get her off of his mind, and during the Blackest night the two ran into each other again, this time while around a group of Star Sapphires who sensed in them a strong sense of love. Being urged together the two kissed igniting a dorment spark in Nikola who took the portion of the Void from Captain Atom, as well as a portion of his power, covering her in a Dilustel skin shell. her body resembling an amalgam of the Void suit and the coating that Captain Atom had during his stay on Earth-50. Like Bombshell Nikola can retract her Dilustel skin, what no one expected was what happened next, Captain Atom for the first time was able to transform back into a human form, and both he and Nikola recalled their romance from Earth-50. Now together again and in possession of this power Nikola decides to join Captain Atom as Armagedon."
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