Tuesday, June 25, 2013

2010 “Captain Atom's Family: Bombshell” animation-style fan fiction by N:TAS

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N:TAS DCU: Captain Atom's Family: Bombshell 10-18-10

Here's the penultimate edition of the imaginary animated series concept cavalcade of "NightwingTAS," as the Nathaniel Adam brood is expanded by Geoff Johns & Tony Daniel via the Super Buddies message board...
"Amy Allen was a member of a rogue Black Ops Military Group and was threatened to be arrested, until she begged her father, the head of Project: Quantum to be recruited for the project. The Project bonded the same Alien metal Dilustel to her skin that compromises the body of Captain Atom. Unlike Captain Atom Bombshell can retract and engage her Dilustel skin shell at will, which she discovered when Protect: Quantum tried to have her murdered for joining the Teen Titans. Bombshell and the Teen Titans discovered from Amy's dad that it was not Project: Quantum that put the hit out on her, but a rogue group within it, and what none of them know is that the leader of the group is Bombshell's mother. Bombshell is not the by the book soldier that Captain Atom is, she is more of a shoot now and sort later frontline soldier which often causes conflict with everyone."

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