Sunday, February 20, 2011

2009 Indigo Corps Atom design by Joe Prado

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Closing out our lengthy look at the Blackest Night designs of Joe Prado on a positive note, here's an unused version of Ray Palmer as an Indigo Tribeman... Luddite... Torchbearer.... whatever. I thought it was kind of strange that most of the Skittle Corpsmen wore color-altered variations of their standard gear, while Ray went full native. Now I understand, since the alternative was to look like a Mathlete Jesus Freak escapee from a free edu-spiritual comic. "Christ is Greater Than 'Fun' Eternal Damnation from the Harry Potter or Grand Theft Autos." I guess that walking stick could double as a super-scientific colonoscope into the constipated bowels of the infernal. Or help students see past their confusion over ratio proportion. "Be like the Formulaic Titan, and use dimensional analysis!"

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