Monday, May 24, 2010

The Top 5 Atom Smasher Covers

Due to being in a medium profile super team buoyed by great artists (Ordway, Bair, McFarlane,) Albert Julian Rothstein (Al Pratt's godson) has some fairly nice cover appearances for a confirmed D-list hanger-on. I never really liked the guy, being one of two Mohawk sporting non-punks in Infinity Incorporated, the boy band of metahuman groups. Still, Al was a good-natured kid, so I can't quite hate him, either.

Honorable Mentions: All-Star Squadron #25, Infinity, Inc. #48 and Justice League America #0.

5) JSA #2 (September, 1999)

Hulking muscle, soon to carry such shame he had to mask it materially. This foreshadows Atom Smasher's role for the duration of JSA

4) Infinity, Inc. #20 (November, 1985)

Al holding a wounded body in the midst of a crossover crisis. This is what Al did, and what Al continues to do.

3) Infinity, Inc. #1 (March, 1984)

The memorable team shot from their debut issue, Nuklon serving the role of Colossus as "team strongman whose appeal is initially way overestimated."

2) JSA #58 (May, 2004)

Howling angrily into the air. That's Al's characterization of the past decade in a nutshell right there.

1) JSA #12 (July, 2000)

Nothing like punching Kobra troops in their entire bodies to sell how big this guy gets, eh?

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Scott said...

Atom Smasher has one of the best costumes, in my opinion.