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2010 “The Atom's Family: Ant” animation-style fan fiction by N:TAS

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N:TAS DCU: The Atom's Family: Ant 10-12-10

"NightwingTAS" continues his Atom animated series concept cavalcade from the Super Buddies message board by reaching across the aisle...
"Bobby Whit had a hard life,his mother and father died in a drive-by from his father's connections to gangs when he was real young. Bobby was sent to live with his Uncle Eddie, who loved him a lot, and vowed to make sure he didn't leave hiim down the way he felt he had Bobby's father. As he got older Bobby realized he wasn't like everyone else he was getting stronger, his Uncle Eddie told him that his Grandfather was a Strongman in the circus and his Grandmother an acrobat. One day Eddie was kidnapped by the same gang boss that killed his father.

Eddie worked at STAR Labs and the boss wanted a project he was working on, but Eddie refused. Bobby found the message the gang had left behind and in anger he grabbed a statue to throw it and a secret door opened up. In the door was old costume, and a type of watch. Bobby looked at the the watch and accidently activated it when he did a swarm of ant nanites covered his body in a hard nanite net costume. Eddie was amazed by this, the nanites were powered by a dwarf star that allowed Bobby to shrink and return to his normal height at will. Bobby found his uncle but by the time he got there it was too late, his Uncle Eddie severly injured. Bobby brought the gang down, finally putting the man responsible for his parent's deaths behind bars.

Back home Eddie told Bobby about his brief stint as Ant and how he planned on using the nanite tech to become the Ant again, but now the nanites had bonded with Bobby's neural net, which had effectively become like the Queen Ant and controled the nanites by thought, and his leg was too damaged. Eddie agreed to train Bobby and allow him to become the Ant, and would lend him support from their headquarters which they dubbed the Ant Hill."

"Hard life?" "Parents killed in a "drive-by?" Raised by Uncle Eddie? Excuse my race-sense tingling, but I'm interpreting that to mean that when the mask comes off, Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn are going to be shocked to find Cuba Gooding Jr. at their dinner table. The origin recalls elements of Cyborg and the Jason Rusch Firestorm, but the costume absolutely screams Irredeemable Ant-Man. Might as well create a talking anthropomorphic mouse to hang out with Swamp Thing at the Corridor of Continuities. It also bugs me (*pun*) that Eddie was just sitting on this technology, which the stumble bum Bobby inherits by virtue of an immature display of anger. Maybe if Eddie was already injured, and had developed Ant with Bobby's father, so that it was more of an inheritance? I do think incorporating nanites into the shrinking mechanism is cute, as it forces tiny things to become tinier in order to shrink a second party, which is amusingly comic-booky in its logical illogic.

The Hawkman & The Atom Family mixer continues this week with Zauriel of Hawkworld @ Being Carter Hall

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