Thursday, September 6, 2012

2010 “The Atom's Family: Atom” animation-style fan fiction by N:TAS

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N:TAS DCU: The Atom's Family: Atom 9-26-10

"NightwingTAS" is a fan of the modern DC Animated Universe spearheaded by Bruce Timm since the early '90s launch of Batman: The Animated Series and continuing through the original cartoon movie currently being released several times a year. I think Young Justice marks a separate continuity, but I'm not at all certain of it. Anyway, NTAS has devoted a lengthy thread at the Super Buddies message board to building "families" of supporting players around second tier DC heroes, should they ever stumble into their own series. God bless him, but there's an Atom treatment that starts like this...
My DCU veers off from the DCU on New Earth as of Infinite Crisis...

Ray Palmer faced his own crisis of fate when his ex wife was possessed by the entity known as Eclipso. Having traveled the Multiverse Ray finally found away to bring back the woman he loves. Through out his journey Ray was aided by those he has known as friends and those he has mentored who took his example and followed in his steps. Giving him his own family.
Nothing revolutionary here, as it's basically the Timm Atom design from Justice League coupled with DC Comics continuity as of 2010. Things get weirder and more imaginative as he goes on though, which we'll be looking at for weeks to come...

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