Thursday, October 7, 2010

2010 Indigo Lantern Ray Palmer art by Gary Gretsky

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Back in 2008 on Damian's Tiny Titan blog was published two pieces of art by Gary "Gaz" Gretsky depicting Ant-Man putting the bite on the Atom (a.k.a. "Incorrect") and The Mighty Mite Triumphant over Giant Man (a.k.a. damn skippy.) Ray Palmer was a barbarian warrior who hacked in his weight class, while Hank Pym couldn't even beat his wife plausibly, so I don't see the matter as a subject for debate so much as a litmus test for the opposition's miserable lack of rightness.

Speaking of the sword & sorcery days, here's the second coming of Gaz and the loincloth look, published in the San Diego Comic-Con International 2010 program book. That is one fine looking piece made all the better with digital coloring, so I recommend you give that link a click. Thanks to Gaz for giving me the go-ahead to forward this to ya'll, and check out his blog!


LissBirds said...

What's really awesome is the atom symbol coming out of the Indigo staff!

I've been putting some books aside for a project for the past two days, and there's a book about Abe Lincoln called "Sword of Lincoln," and every time I looked at that book I could only think of "Sword of the Atom." If Abe Lincoln actually shrunk down and fought some tiny aliens, I'd probably read more history books.

The Irredeemable Shag said...

That looks really awesome! I always dug Ray in his "Sword of the Atom" gear. While I've never read the issues, the idea of a sword-n-sorcery shrinking character is great. It really sets him apart from the other shrinking characters.

I'm glad the Indigo version of Ray resembles that look.

The Irredeemable Shag

Diabolu Frank said...

Abe Lincoln fighting werewolves wasn't enough?